Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Small Business Owner

Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Small Business Owner

Becoming a small business owner is a dream for many, a path to independence, creativity, and financial stability. However, there's a side of entrepreneurship that often goes unspoken - and it includes loneliness, financial stress, and a need to constantly stay motivated while you continue to learn as you grow.

In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the reasons behind the most common challenges faced by small business owners, and offer strategies to combat these challenges, helping you thrive in both your business and personal life.

It’s lonely. Really lonely.

This is so true. While running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be isolating. You'll find yourself making tough decisions on your own, working long hours, and navigating the ups and downs of business ownership without a traditional support network. It's a journey that can sometimes leave you feeling isolated and disconnected from the world around you. 

Small business owners frequently find themselves isolated from the traditional workplace camaraderie they might have experienced in their previous jobs. The loneliness of entrepreneurship can stem from various factors, including the weight of decision-making, the constant pursuit of growth, and the long hours invested in making the business thrive. This sense of solitude can lead to feelings of isolation, stress, and even burnout. 

One of the best strategies to combat this is to continue to prioritize your hobbies, personal life, and to find a "Personal Board of Advisors" - a group (however small) of people who you trust and who believe in you. It is so important to be able to share openly with people in your life so that you do not shoulder the weight of your venture on your own all the time. 

It’s all up to you. All of it.

Growing a business without a financial plan is not possible.

What WE WILL tell you:

✅ You are capable of this and can build an extraordinary business and life.

✅ The main reason for small business stress is lack of clarity around cash flow management. That’s why we’re here!

✅ Once you learn how to manage the money moving in and out of your business…you’ll never be the same.